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About Us

About Nature DK


Nature DK is a Danish brand company dedicated to the export of Danish high quality products, preferably organic. Our brand Smagsriget (in English: Kingdom of Taste) ranges from breakfast products such as cereals, jam and honey to cooking oils from the best suppliers in Denmark.


Throughout many years, Denmark has had a pioneering role in organic production. Likewise, Danes lead the way when it comes to the consumption of organic products. This we wish to convey and make possible to consumers in other parts of the World as well.


In particular, we understand well the differences between Asia and Denmark in areas such as: cultural background, social structure, market demand, eating habits etc. We have rich experience and resources and we master at least three languages (Chinese, English and Danish) so we feel confident that we are able to provide our customers with a high quality brand supported by credible Danish suppliers.


We invite you to explore our passion for Danish culture and organic food and hope you will join us spread the green value. 

Nature DK is located right in the centre of Denmark on the second largest island, Fyn; an idyllic location with fields all around and next to the childhood home of the world famous writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875), who has put Denmark on the world map with his fantastic fairytales known and loved by both adults and children.


On this location we find great inspiration from the pure nature surrounding us and here we are also close to our credible suppliers whom we have chosen for their great reliability and professionality.

This is one of the ways we make sure we can offer our customers a high quality product always. 

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