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A green and sustainable approach

To lead a green and sustainable lifestyle can be many different things. In Denmark a lot of people strive to create a better environment by developing new and greener ways of living, greener transportation, town planning, industry, etc. A green and sustainable approach is especially relevant for Danish agriculture which today means that The Danish food industry is characterized by a combination of old traditions and new modernized work places and work practices.


This industry is serviced by a primary sector, which offers some of the world's best ingredients produced according to international standards and is even often subject to more stringent control. The long history of Danish society has given rise to a plethora of family-based businesses in the food sector and the fact that they are still with us today is a testament to their quality and fundamental strength.












Danish high quality

Denmark is one of the leading players in the field of food quality and food safety and Danish products are in great demand worldwide. Therefore, export of food products has a long tradition in Denmark. The products are characterized by their high quality. A quality which is only reached by means of innovation and professionalism, both at the level of farms and at the food companies. Today, Denmark has a highly advanced agriculture and food sector based on a close co-operation throughout the entire food production chain from farm to fork.

Products from Smagsriget  are especially characterized by Danish high quality and deliciousness. Smagsriget’s foods are all rich in flavor and aroma, taste great and are healthy at the same time. The various organic products in our product range offer you the possibility of both a healthier and more sustainable choice.

High Quality Production
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