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Traditional Danish food

Breakfast in Denmark

The Danes lead the way when it comes to the consumption of organic healthy foods; this is also reflected in the typical breakfast table in Denmark. 


A typical Danish breakfast includes both porridge made from oatmeal, wholegrain bread with cheese, jam or honey with a boiled egg on the side. Fruits are often included too, as well as a good cup of coffee or some juice.


Open-faced sandwiches

The open sandwiches known as “Smørrebrød” are a world-famous Danish national delicacy. The preparation of Smørrebrød adheres to time-honored traditions as the open-faced sandwiches are made of rye bread with butter and several layers of thin-sliced meat, vegetables, eggs or other toppings. 


However, increasingly in Danish luncheonettes, smørrebrød excesses are a thing of the past. The traditional smørrebrød has shaped up for healthy eating: the rye bread base contains more fiber, the butter is spread thinner and the toppings are no longer buried in a sea of mayonnaise and tartar sauce.


Nature DK wishes to provide healthy food solutions. This means eating a decent meal at least three times a day starting the day off with a nice breakfast with high nutritional value including lots of wholegrains. By providing one's body with natural and organic foods you make a healthier choice and obtain a clean conscience when it comes to the enviroment for future generations to enjoy. Smagsriget is for those who take good care of themselves and their loved ones and who want a balanced environment. 

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